AuthoDox Manage

A document-management system that works for you

Every business has to deal with documents, whether they be letters, spreadsheets, emails, photographs, video and audio recordings – the list goes on and on. You need a way to intelligently manage searching and accessing these documents.

AuthoDox Manage is the heart of AuthoDox. Building on more than twenty years of experience designing document-management solutions, it’s the all-in-one repository for any kind of document your organisation uses.

Fast search based on numerous parameters

Having all your documents stored in one place isn’t much use if you can’t find the document you need, fast. AuthoDox Manage has advanced search tools that let you track down exactly the file you need in moments, even if you have millions of documents to search through.

With dozens of possible search criteria, it’s easy to narrow your searches down to very specific topics, date ranges, creators, and much more.

Fast search based on numerous parameters

AuthoDox Manage stores your documents safely and securely in the Cloud. Not only do you not have to worry about backups any more, you can access your entire repository of business information from anywhere on the planet, and from virtually any device.

Your documents are encrypted and stored on your own individual virtual cloud servers, completely separate from anybody else’s files.

And of course, if you need to have a local copy as well, we can handle that too.