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Advanced document management solutions

Completely customisable acceleration and automation templates for Microsoft Word, online document management, comprehensive workflow management, and automatic document capture from any source, AuthoDox can help you manage your workflow and documents  like no other document management system.

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Who are Conbrio?

Conbrio Technology is the result of several specialist businesses that have been brought together to provide a range of skills that will continue to be more important as technology continues to converge on the computer IP network.

From Wi-Fi to wired networks, new and ex-lease computer equipment, text messaging services, data backup and security, to a complete division dedicated to supporting everything print-related anywhere in New Zealand, Conbrio Technology does it all.

What is AuthoDox?

AuthoDox is a document management system, designed to let you keep track of any number of business-related documents, and to access them from anywhere.

It’s much more than this, however: It integrates with Microsoft Office products, enabling direct access to your documents from inside the software you’re most familiar with, and also provides a suite of enhancements and accelerators so you can spend less time wrestling with documents and more time actually authoring them. There’s a comprehensive workflow system to track tasks, and it’s very easy to get external documents into your repository. AuthoDox is comprised of four main parts:

AuthoDox Create

Automation – from manual tasks to software solutions

Q. How much time do you lose to repetitive tasks and processes?
A. Much more than you think.

No matter what you are doing with documents in Microsoft Office, it can be done faster and better by adding AuthoDox features.


In every office, we find issues that employees ‘live with’; costly, frustrating and time-consuming tasks.

Intuitive employees find the best way to manually complete these tasks so they can get on with their work. But what if you could automate a solution company-wide? That’s where AuthoDox comes in.

If you or your employees work with documents, AuthoDox software could save you hours every day.

AuthoDox Assign

Workflow made powerful and easy

Q. How much time do you spend following up on assigned tasks?
A. Much more than you think.

You have your own tasks to perform, and you’re responsible for others with their own sets of tasks. Track them all here.


You know the story – you’ve been asked to follow up with a client, or you’ve asked somebody to copy a document. Seemingly simple tasks, but sometimes we lose track of them.

AuthoDox Assign is a powerful workflow system which smoothly sends tasks from creator, to recipient, to review and resolution, in the simplest way possible.

It’s not just tasks – you can automate employee leave requests, expense claims, even replacing the office teabags and milk. Especially working together with AuthoDox Capture, it’s a whole new way to eliminate paperwork and minimise mistakes.

AuthoDox Capture

Scan documents into your system and automatically process them

Q. How much time do you spend re-keying figures from invoices?
A. Much more than you think.

A good scan capture system needs to be fast and simple to use, and we can automate every step of the process.


When your accounts department receives an invoice, whether an emailed PDF document, or a hard-copy sent through the post or even a fax, they can’t start working yet. The numbers on the invoice need to be checked, the amounts need to be entered into your own accounting system, and only then can your own accounts staff really go to work.

AuthoDox Capture can perform this process behind the scenes for you, with automatic document recognition and control to send the details straight into your accounting software.

AuthoDox Manage

Stored locally? Stored in the Cloud? Makes no difference to us

Q. How much of your workday is spent finding files, and not your work?
A. Much more than you think.

You can’t just do your job. You need to have ready access to the documents that let you do this job, and keeping track of them is a job in itself.


What started as a simple document repository has evolved into a powerful cloud-based solution for unlimited document storage, and fast-and-easy search tools to let you locate any document you need, as soon as you need it.

Don’t want to store your files in the Cloud? No problem, it works fine with local files as well.

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