AuthoDox Capture

Getting a paper invoice into your accounting package is a pain. You can scan it so you now have a digital copy, but somebody will need to re-key any figures into your accounting software – and this isn’t just time-consuming, it can lead to mistakes and errors. The same holds true for PDF invoices that are emailed to you.

AuthoDox Capture takes care of this chore and automates it in ways you never even thought possible. PDF files, as well as and scans or photographs of receipts, can end up right in your accounting software – with all the important numbers all ready to go.

Advanced document recognition and OCR of anything

Getting a document into AuthoDox Capture is easy – simply drag and drop a PDF or image file, or email scans and photographs to an email address – even right from a photocopier or scanner, or directly from a smartphone.

The document will be analysed once it arrives, whether it’s an invoice from a supplier or a photograph of a receipt for fuel, and the contents of any text found is available to be used in any number of flexible ways. Based on what kind of document it is, AuthoDox Assign can then automatically manage its workflow with no human intervention.

Straight from an email into MYOB or Xero

Once a document is captured, automatic filters process it based on easy-to-setup templates. If it’s an invoice, it can be inserted directly into your accounting software. If it’s a photograph of a salesperson’s credit card receipt for a business lunch, it can be sent to a supervisor or manager for approval – and from there sent directly to your accounts department, and straight into your payroll software for reimbursement.

AuthoDox Capture isn’t just a fast and easy way to get documents into your company’s filing system. It lets you automate what happens to those documents while they arrive, saving time and eliminating errors.