AuthoDox Create

AuthoDox Create integrates with Microsoft Word, helping to accelerate and automate everyday tasks – spend less time wrestling with complex documents.

From accelerators to automate forms, contracts, agreements, and many more – as well as easy methods for sharing emails and documents – AuthoDox Create will let you spend more time on the parts of your business that can’t be automated.

All offices have two things in common:

Too much time is spent doing things manually that could be done automatically:

  • Formatting documents
  • Navigating the company filing structure
  • Sharing information from emails
AuthoDox Create turns these tasks from a chore to a breeze, with fewer repetitive actions required to make similar documents.

The same administration issues plague businesses across the country:

  • Losing important documents
  • Files saved to local computers instead of shared drives
  • Documents being re-used and overwritten
There’s no need for these issues to plague your business. AuthoDox Create works in tandem with AuthoDox Manage to maintain an easily-searchable repository of your documents, with independent document versions that you can go back to at any time.