AuthoDox Assign

Powerful, adaptive workflow management

Good workflow is the key to any successful business’s internal logistics. The tasks you perform usually have set steps along the way to completion, and may involve many different staff members at different stages.

AuthoDox Assign is an intuitive and expandable workflow management system. Tasks of any kind can be created and assigned to one or more staff members, reassigned to other staff, sent to managers for approval or sent back to an earlier stage of the workflow process.

Any type of task can be assigned and tracked

With the ability to effectively manage the workflow of tasks as varied as expense claims, sales contacts, support calls, leave requests, staff meeting attendance, health and safety training, and even shift scheduling, AuthoDox Assign can be adapted to any possible task that your company can imagine.

With full auditing ability, supervisors and managers can perform analysis of staff performance and effectiveness in completing their assigned tasks, for quality employee performance feedback.

Good workflow is the key to efficient and error-free task completion

As an example, a supervisor can create a task which allocates a support call to another staff member. This staff member will receive notifications about the task, and will complete their part. If the task requires escalation or reassignment, this is easy and can be performed with a single click.

Once the task is completed, the supervisor in charge can sign it off as complete, or reassign to another person for another look if necessary.

Processing expense claims, employee leave requests, and any other type of task can be managed in the same way.