Authodox is a suite of document management products that has been fully designed in NZ, for the NZ market. Authodox was the brainchild of Wellingtonian Peter Grainger, who saw a need to reduce his systems in his legal firm. It has since evolved to become a much broader range of solutions aimed at improving document handling at all levels. 

Office Productivity via Automation

What is automation and what it means to your office = Increasing employee productivity, the easy way.

Increase productivity

Automation solutions make manual tasks automatic. This saves you time and reduces the frustration involved in completing tedious or time- consuming tasks and processes. AuthoDox software combines many automated processes to deliver comprehensive products.

Graphic showing how AuthoDox automates tasks to create automatic processes which are combined to make BIG solutions

The Automation Process

  Does it involve documents?

  Do you do it often?

  Do others do it too?

We strive to make tasks ‘one click complete’, and if we can’t do it, no-one can. If you’d like to know more about how we do things,
see about us

Automation solutions

Our automation solutions are practical. We take a task that you or your staff spend time doing manually and make it easier and faster. We then make this new and improved task available to all staff who need it.

This means;

  work isn’t stalled or bogged down by unnecessary tasks

  task success does not depend on staff skill level.

Any system, anywhere

AuthoDox products work with:

  •  any version of Windows
  •  any version of Office
  •  any network setup, whether local, off-site, or in the cloud.

Most of the AuthoDox software is deployed by simple Word templates and macros. This means it is there when you need it most, seamlessly integrated into your everyday environment.

No IT framework is too complex

We work with you to find the best option for your environment. Our software can operate from the local drive, on remote terminal servers, on both thin and fat clients, and can integrate with the cloud.

Graphic showing it is no problem to facilitate sharing of information between AuthoDox products and existing systems in your office

Q. How much time do you lose to repetitive tasks and processes?

A. Much more than you think.

No matter what you are doing with documents in Microsoft Office, it can be done faster and better by adding AuthoDox features.


In every office, we find issues that employees ‘live with’; costly, frustrating and time-consuming tasks.

Intuitive employees find the best way to manually complete these tasks so they can get on with their work. But what if you could automate a solution company-wide? That’s where AuthoDox comes in.

If you or your employees work with documents, AuthoDox software could save you hours every day.

automation - from manual tasks to software solutions

Image of pie chart showing time wasted by repetitive tasks and processes

templates - as you've never seen before

Graphic of Document

Most templates give organisations minimal benefit: they make sure the logo is in the right place. Our templates offer so much more.

Smart templates assist anyone working with documents, making their work easier and faster.

There are three benefits of using our template software:

– Anyone who uses Word can use it.

– The software is based where the user is based.

– Powerful programs based in templates make tasks fast and easy.

professional documents, every time

No matter how simple or complex, creating and editing documents becomes faster and easier with AuthoDox templates. Find out more about our templates…

Authodox Document Management System

AuthoDox provides a total Document Management System. It is a comprehensive solution for small to medium-sized firms and agencies. Image of AuthoDox Document Management System summary; it is an Extensive, Seamless, Practical and Affordable solution

Document Management ensures businesses can:

  Share knowledge quickly and easily

  Keep track of the history and versions of documents

  Never lose documents or emails

  Enforce company policies

  ….and much more

More about why AuthoDox is the best Document Management System for your business.

Total document control

The AuthoDox DMS software has been designed to:

 make your work easier and save time through AuthoDox productivity tools

 achieve organisational requirements with accurate records and knowledge sharing

In short, Total Document Control for any sized organisation or sole practitioner.

Image of AuthoDox Document Management System summary; it is an Extensive, Seamless, Practical and Affordable solution

Never lose a document or email again

 An accurate record of the organisation’s files: More than just “save as”, AuthoDox automatically creates document profiles, history records, and unique ID’s, without time-wasting data entry.

 Find documents: Metadata of each file is captured automatically. This metadata is used in a comprehensive search, meaning you can find the exact file you are looking for quickly and easily.

 Find information: AuthoDox provides an interface to your company knowledge, so you never have to hunt for information again. We help categorise your knowledge files so they are instantly accessible.

 Increase productivity: Include AuthoDox Productivity Tools and you have a complete system for your office.

This system has much more functionality than can be conveyed here. Contact us for further details about AuthoDox Document Management.

Cloud Storage

With the increasing need for cloud based applications, Authodox has introduced a new DMS component called Authodox Cloud. This solution is a comprehensive file storage solution, utilising cutting edge web-app technology. 

Authodox Cloud will integrate with Microsoft Word and Outlook in the same way that traditional Authodox will, but moves the file storage system into the cloud for hassle-free document control. 

cloud, men, sky-4273197.jpg

Authodox Capture

Authodox capture brings a simple yet powerful cloud-based document scanning solution to the Authodox suite. Super-simple to set up, and cost effective to run as there is no hardware required to run it other than your existing photocopier. 

Authodox Capture gives you: 

  • OCR (optical character recognition)
  • PDF/A document archiving standard
  • Automatic file splitting
  • Email delivery 
  • Automatic download link creation when files exceed email limits

Simply scan to a pre-defined destination on your photocopier, and you will receive an email with an attached document, which has been processed in the cloud by our servers.